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Make your gifts amazing with original watercolor gift tags…DIY

Make your gifts amazing with original watercolor gift tags…DIY

Make your gifts amazing with original watercolor gift tags…DIY

Giving a gift is such a personal thing.  You put so much effort into searching for just the right gift and you want the wrapping of that gift to be special s well.  Here is a super easy DIY that anyone can do with basic watercolor paints, brushes and paper.   And how fun to be able to say that it’s wrapped with your own personal watercolor painting?!

Here is what you will need:

Watercolor paint and brush …here…I used a #6 brush but any small watercolor brush will do.

Watercolor paper…I used 140lb paper in block form…here

Tip: You can get any kind of watercolor paper but I like the block paper as it doesn’t curl up as the paint is drying.  If you use watercolor paper in a pad, just tape down the edges with painter’s tape as you are painting and let it sit while it dries.

So here’s the step by step process that I went through:

Step 1:

Mark off your paper in equal squares using a light pencil mark and ruler.  The size of your paper will determine how big your tags are.  I used a large block which measured 14″x20″ and my tags were 3 1/2″ square.   I was left with a 2″ strip at the bottom of the page so I made some 2″ x 3 1/2″ tags too.  It’s up to you to determine how big you want the tags.  Tip: if you are new to watercolor painting, bigger tags will be easier to paint..more room to maneuver :).

Step 2:

Using your pencil, sketch out a basic drawing of each of your tags.  I sketched flowers, fish, and an abstract cake and present.  You can do any shape that appeals to you even abstract shapes are beautiful…troll Pinterest here for thousands of ideas.  Some of my sketch ideas came from other people’s posts.  No shame in borrowing someone else’s creativity!  Your pencil lines may show in your finished tag but I like that.  It makes it look more handmade.

Step 3:

Get our your paints, a cup of water for rinsing your brush, a square of paper towel for cleaning your brush and have at it!  I am fairly light with my brush and paint as I work.  I can always add color but it’s really hard to take it away.  And remember, in watercolor painting, there is always the “ugly” stage so don’t give up on your work!  I promise it will be great in the end.   Once you paint is dry, you can go in (as I did) and outline your paintings to give them more dimension. That will make them pop!  These pics are the pre-outline stage.

Step 4:

Once your tags are all painted, the patience part is here…I know, I hate that part, but you have to wait until the paint is completely dry BEFORE you outline anything.  I use pencil in some cases if I want a softer look and a micron pigma pen or a micron graphic pen for bolder outlines.   FYI, the flowers are outlined with pencil and the cake, present and fish are outlined/detailed with the micron pen.  You can buy them on Amazon here or any art store.  A sharpie will work too.

Step 5:

Almost done!  Now it’s time to cut out your tags.  I generally use a pair of sharp scissors but you can use an craft knife or a paper cutter.  I just like how exact I can be with the scissors. Just cut along your original pencil lines.

Step 6:

Using a hole punch, punch a hole at the top of each tag.  In some cases, I punch the hole on the corner if the painting was too close to the top center.  Whatever you like the look of is fine.

Step 7: 

Add some string or ribbon to your tag for attaching it to the gift …I used baker’s twine that you can get pretty much anywhere.  I ordered mine on amazon. This link is a cool one because it comes with a bunch of colors.   Fold about 8′ in twine in half, push the fold into the hole and feed the tail through the fold and tug.

And voila!  You have gorgeous, hand painted tags to decorate all your gifts!  Just write your message on the back!

By the way, I’m lovin’ washi tape for wrapping gifts as well…the polka dots are soooo cute.


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